You want to highlight your brand or your product, but you have no idea how to do it?
Our team of experienced professionals will listen to your needs and advise you on all aspects of the project presentation of your product/brand, from structure, material, size, volume during transport, planned quantity etc.


After we have identified your needs, kingland expert design team matches your ideas with their knowledge and experience to create customized display and packaging solution. 
Once we’ve developed your unique design, we can quickly provide you with 3D renderings and physical samples for testing and approval before production.


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Kingland boasts a high-end manufacturing and distribution facility,
as well as an extensive array of Printing, Laminating, Mounting, Diecuting, Gluing and packaging equipment.
We get projects done on time and on budget.
Quite frankly, there isn’t anything that Kingland can’t handle.We will identify the best manufacturing solution that meets your expectations for quality.


1/Flat Pack: Pack one or several sets of displays into one carton with assembly instructions.
2/Palletize: Pack each components on pallet, it allows clients are easy to unpack and assemble displays in warehouse,meanwhile,to save packaging cost.
3/Pre-filled Pack: Send us your product and we will do the rest. All you have to do is position your display,remove the outer carton and your product is ready to shine.


At Kingland display & packaging we recognize that quality and speed of delivery are two of the most important reasons why we are selected as a supplier.
We do everything we can to ensure that what we produce meets or exceeds your expectations and industry standards, and we strive to do so within the timeline you specify.
We have a quality specialist on staff who is dedicated to the day-to-day testing and procedure oversight.
They start with inspection on incoming materials , quality, continues with production,packaging and shipping.


Delivering a fast turnaround when transporting your product by Air,ocean and Courier shipment depends on your demands throughout China and the world.
Within days of your order being ready,you will receive your goods on time and safely.