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INSEKTENSACK                                                Point of Sale Display


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Design, Print, Die-cut, Glue, Packaging          Displays, Food&Snack, Two-side


Exceptional advertising totem display for exceptional snacks which reflects a customized and smart design.

The two integrated trays in the totem display provide the perfect showcase for the two taste varieties of the insect snacks.

they has been developed as an elliptical shape and can be accessed from both sides by the purchaser.

This is also an important benefit for the retailer as the totem display can be placed anywhere in the store.

It can be assembled in just few seconds, simply take the display stand out of its box, unfold it, and it pops into place all on its own.


Totem Display main Features:

  • Instant, pop-up retail displays
  • From flat to fully deployed in seconds
  • Portable and easy to ship
  • Customized
  • Cost-effective