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MOVO                                                             Point of Sale Display


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Design, Print, Die-cut, Glue, Packaging          Floor Displays, Beverages,



For beverage brands, the competition at the cash register begins on the shelf. That’s because 75% of beverage purchase decisions are made by consumers as they stand in the aisle, facing a multitude of choices.


Working with Movo, Kingland designed and produced 3 tier floor displays with different graphic for 3 style Movo wines.

We provide 3d rendering and physical sample for testing. Each tray can hold 24 bottles, total weight is over 9KG, our designer added an iron pipe under tray to ensure its bearing capacity.

After production, we pack on wooden pallet and paper corner, carefully loading into container and send to the destination.


Client told us that they love displays very much, which help their brand stand out from the rest and increase sales. Very intuitive!