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TORTOISE                                                           Point of Sale Display


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Design, Print, Die-cut, Glue, Packaging          Floor Displays, Accessories



Many major retailers prefer to receive units fully built and loaded with product, so they arrive in-store ready to use.

Kingland Display can help you achieve this with our cost effective assembly and fulfilment service.


In this project, We designed and manufactured floor display with multiple compartments to place different style of tortiose mobile accessories.

Customer just need to deliver the products to us, then we will assemble the unit, fully load with products, add transit fittings, shroud and palletise.

This help the customer saves money on additional carriage costs, whilst ensuring product is displayed correctly.


Assembly & Fulfilment service main features:

× No problems on the shop floor setting up displays

× No representatives needed to set up displays in outlets

× Fast, cost-effective and time-efficient


We Design. We Prototype. We Manufacture. We Co-Pack. We Ship. Contact us now to talk through your assembly and fulfilment service, we’ll be pleased to help.